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Arithmetical law of love: 1 + 1 = 1

13 February 2016, at National historical museum of the Republic of Belarus will work "Arithmetical law of love: 1 + 1 = 1", as part of the republican campaign "Belarus, I love you!", dedicated to the Saint Valentine's Day and the International Mother Language Day. Couples will be able to visit...

"Museum for children with velcom" quest

QUEST "Museum for children with velcom" Dear friends, let’s play! We invite you to see the National Historical Museum, its branches and colorful sights of Minsk, as well as test your knowledge with the quest that we have prepared for you. The game's route is rich and...

Permanent Exhibitions

«Ancient Belarus» Museum display «Ancient Belarus» covers the period of Belarusian history from the Neolithic age until 19th century. It tells about original peopling of our country, emergence of the tribal alliances of Krivichs and Dregovichs, emergence of the first state formations within...