National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Museum Collection

The museum collection of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus is the country’s largest one. By 2011, it numbered over 370 thousand units of museum objects, distributed to more than 40 separate collections.

Some of museum objects are inscribed on the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus with the awarding of the 1st category: hoard of Roman coins (389 units, 1st-2nd centuries AD), set of belt plates (so-called "Vytautas’ belt", late 15th – first half of 16th century); with the awarding of the 2nd category: royal door from the iconostasis of St. George’s Church in Davyd-Haradok (mid-18th century), a portrait of Josef Prozor by an unknown artist, 1766.

The list of rare museum objects and collections should include Sluck sashes, chalice of XVI century from Navahrudak, 116 hoards found on the territory of Belarus during the twentieth century, a coin dating back to the reign of Vytautas purchased for the museum by OJSC Bank BelVEB, a book the Great Art of Artillery of Casimir Siemienowicz ( 1730 ), a map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the so-called "Radziwillowka" (1613-1630), painted portraits of members of Belarusian noble families of the 17th-18th centuries, etc.

Every year the museum collection is replenished by 2-3 thousand units: through the purchase, donation, transfer to the museum collection, and also materials collected during expeditions. For example, during 2010, 2341 objects came into holdings of a museum, besides 48 of them were purchased on sponsoring money. The most significant objects that arrived in 2010 are: materials dedicated to the life and work of Filaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Sluck, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus (liturgical clothing, awards, artwork, etc.); pictorial and graphic works by Moscow artist Mendl Gorshman created in Belarus in the 1930-1950es.; works on historical themes by Belarusian artists and sculptors Eduard Rymarovich, Pavel Tatarnikau, Yury Nestsiaruk, Aliaksandr Batvinionak, which were exhibited at the display "Figures of the Past. On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald"; a coin of the National Bank of Belarus dedicated to the Battle of Grunwald; a collection of 18th-century early printed books ; collection of Belarusian satirical and political posters of 1982-1990; furniture of 1960s.

  • Collection "Prehistoric Archaeology"
  • Collection "Medieval Archeology"
  • Collection "Belarusian Folk Costume. Fabrics"
  • Collection "Books, Pamphlets, Booklets"
  • Collection "Ceramics"
  • Collection "Container. Label. Packaging"
  • Collection "Documents"
  • Collection "Furniture"
  • Collection "Instruments. Devices"
  • Collection "Leaflets"
  • Collection "Maps. Plans. Schemes"
  • Collection "Metal"
  • Collection "Military Uniform and Equipment"
  • Collection "Musical Instruments"
  • Collection "Numismatics"
  • Collection "Periodicals"
  • Collection "Phaleristics"
  • Collection "Philately"
  • Collection "Photo Documents"
  • Collection "Postcards"
  • Collection "Precious Metals and Gems"
  • Collection "Sigillography"
  • Collection "Sound Monuments"
  • Collection "Timepieces"
  • Collection "Traditional and Everyday Culture"

At present time, the museum staff is collecting materials related to current events in our country. These materials will enlarge such collections as "Documents", "Photo Materials", "Posters", "Placards", etc.