National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Convolute of the State Historical Museum (Moscow)

Collection of independent publications, bound in one volume – convolute that is demonstrated at the exhibition, made up of 6 books of the Bible printed by Francysk Skaryna in different years in Prague. Collection includes:

Proverbs of Solomon, 1517

Ecclesiastes, 1518

Song of Songs, 1518

Book Wisdom of God, 1518

Book of Jesus Sirohova, 1517

Book of Daniel, 1519

Titles in the list are given in order of their sequence in the collection.

The convolute belongs to the State Historical Museum – the most important of Russian museums of national history. His fund of ancient manuscripts and books kept large and rather interesting collection of a famous collector of Russian antiquities Ivan Nikitovich Tsar (1790–1853). The convolute, which is in the window – one of the items of this collection. No one knows who, where and when this collection was completed. However, the known history of the entire collection, due to the change of its owners.

Ivan Nikitivich Tsarev, rich Moscow merchant–old believer was one of the important bibliophiles of the first half of the 19th century. After his death, a great library, collected by him, which included the publication of Francysk Skaryna moved to two owners: the manuscript and part to early printed books bought by Count Aleksey Sergeevich Uvarov (1802–1884). He was an archaeologist and Archeograf, founder of the Moscow Archaeological partnership. Another portion early printed book acquired by graph Vladimir Petrovich Orlov–Davydov (1809–1882), known patron and bibliophile. In 1917, two were nationalized and transferred to the State Historical Museum Foundation. Since that time, as a collection of these treasures are kept as a collection in the manuscript department of the State Historical Museum.

The convolute, given by the State Historical Museum (Moscow) to the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus for: “Belarus:Revival of Spirituality” exhibition, dedicated to the 500th Anniversary of Belarusian book printing, is displayed for the first time in Belarus.