National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"Museum for children with velcom" quest

  • 22.03.2016


"Museum for children with velcom"

Dear friends, let’s play!

We invite you to see the National Historical Museum, its branches and colorful sights of Minsk, as well as test your knowledge with the quest that we have prepared for you. The game's route is rich and convenient. All the objects are placed near to each other. The city is ready to tell you the amazing stories and share intimate secrets. Just start, and an invisible tour guide will lead you through the halls of museums and streets that previously seemed ordinary. Each correct answer is a step to the next question.

All participants in the quest visit branches of the National Historical Museum, included in the route, at a price of children ticket!

To start the game you need:

1. Download IZI.TRAVEL app which is available on Google Play and Appstore (the quest is available only on Android and IOS 8.0 and higher platforms);

2. Be sure to turn on the location or geolocation;

3. Start the application and press the review;

4. Select the desired quest;

5. Download it to your cell phone or tablet and start the game.