National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus


Holdings Department

Chief Keeper of Holdings

Zoya Kuryanava

Tel. (+375 17) 399-24-98


The principal duties of the department are keeping and study of museum collections, carrying out their scientific processing, organization of timely acquisition and accounting. It consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Department of material monuments
  • Department of written and pictorial sources
  • Department of archeology, numismatics, weapons
  • Holdings registration department

Department of material monuments

Head of the Department: Anna Ermakova

Tel. (+375 17) 399-26-37

The department was established in 2002 as a result of the reorganization of the material monuments sector of the research department. The researchers of the department complete, study and preserve collections of traditional Belarusian material culture, Belarusian traditional weaving and cloths, industrial fabric, ceramics, glass, metal, folk art, musical instruments, etc.

Department of written and pictorial sources

Head of the Department: Nadzeya Sauchanka

Tel. (+375 17) 373-55-08

The department was established on the basis of written and pictorial sources sector in October 2002. The department comprises several collections: "Fine Arts" (" Painting", " Graphics ", " Icons ", " Sculpture ", " Decorative and applied arts "), " Documents "," Photo Documents "," Negatives "," Posters "," Container, label, packaging "," Philately "," Postcards "," Old printed books and manuscripts"," Books. Brochures. Booklets "," Periodicals"," Flyers"," Maps . Plans. Schemes".

Department of Archaeology, Coins, and Weapons

Head of the Department: Artemiy Vypryazhkin

Tel. (+375 17) 373-55-08

The department was created in 2009. It performs acquisition, storage, organization and scientific description of the collections "Primitive archaeology", " Archaeology of the Middle Ages ", " Numismatics ", " Bonistics ", " Phaleristics ", " Sphragistics", " Treasures ", " Precious metals and stones", "Cold steel arms", " Firearms "," Military uniform clothing and equipment "," Ammunition ". Staff of the department conduct scientific researches on archaeology of the Iron Age and Middle Ages, on the history of arms of the medieval, modern and contemporary period, money circulation, and awards system in Belarus and neighbouring regions in modern and contemporary times, religious and secular decorative and applied arts history of the late Middle Ages, modern and contemporary periods actively. Employees of the department carry out archaeological expeditions.

Holdings registration department

Head of the Department : Natalia Liseichykava

Tel. (+375 17) 399-24-98

The department was established in 2000. The staff of the department provides timely and appropriate state of the museum objects’ registration in compliance with the existing regulations. The department carries out receiving and delivery of museum objects for permanent and temporary storage, transmission of objects and collections inside museum; checks the availability of museum objects in collections and exhibitions; prepares the documents for the transfer of museum objects and collections for material-responsible safekeeping; provides timely preparation of statistical reports; provides notification on procedure for issues of the museum fund accounting and carries out all accounts and records (acts, protocols, books of records, logs, etc.).

Museum Communications Department

Head of the Department: Anna Bugaeva

Tel. (+375 17) 327 43 22 , 327 48 27


Scientific and Educational Department began to work when the first exhibition of the State Museum of the BSSR in 1967 was opened. Employees of the department are engaged in cultural and educational activities basic forms of which are guided tours, lectures, visiting lectures, educational classes in museum, consultations, contests, quizzes, concerts, theater events and museum holidays. Since 2014, renamed into Museum Communications Department.

Exposition Department

Head of the Department – Veronika Kolkovskaya

Tel. +375 17 263 23 71


The Department carries out work on the creation of a stationary exposition, the implementation of exposition projects.

Department of Exhibition Projects and Information

Head of the Department: Svetlana Horuzhik

Tel. (+375 17) 226 09 22


Informational and Exhibitional Department was created in 2009. The department organizes exhibitions in collaboration with other museums, public associations, institutions, funds, foreign embassies, artists, masters of folk art, collectors, etc. The department provides information for museum audience and organizes advertising of exhibitions and cultural, educational and other activities of the museum.

Restoration Department

Head of the Department: Aliaksandr Khilman

Tel. (+37517) 294 53 34

Restoration department carries out restoration, conservation and preventive inspection of the preservation status of museum objects and collections. Restorers conduct a full cycle of activities related to the restoration and preservation of artifacts made of paper, fabric, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, porcelain, etc.

Research and Methodological Department

Head of the Department: Elena Buhal

Tel. +375 17 328 63 72


According to the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Culture, the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus is the republican methodological and coordinating center for museums of historical and natural history profiles. The department is engaged in research and methodological support of museum activities, organization of scientific events, maintaining international contacts of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, etc.

Personnel Department

Head of the Department: Olga Golosko

Tel. +375 17 327 51 11

Facility Department

Head of the Department: Vyacheslav Aleinik

Tel. +375 17 321 23 73