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The international exhibition project "A whole life in one bicycle"

  • 18.02.2016

On February 18, 2016, the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus will present the international exhibition project "All the life in one bicycle", that tells the history of the bicycle, organized by "ItalyMania" and the museum. Exhibition will be open from February 2016 till February 2017 on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The project has received wide popularity and a genuine interest in Italy and other European countries. Collection's exhibits were presented at the largest exposition "EXPO" in Milan. The exhibition is meant for visitors of all ages and social groups.

The story of exposition describes the epoch of the XIX – XX centuries. and all life aspects of villagers and city–dwellers. These exhibits are the living testimony of the crafts that were once transformed into a small and large production and absorbed by machines and lathes.

This exhibition shows the vehicles and a full production cycle of baker, barber, priest, veterinarian, teacher, fish seller, milkman, clown, ambulance, fireman, clerk, mobile cinema, tailor, beekeeper, potter, junk, plumbing...

All these professions have always existed, but it's the bicycle that made the work of a craftsman and a social service worker more accessible and mobile. The bicycle was a step in the process of transformation and now it is our exhibition which shows the history of each bike at that time.

Today, we have opportunity to see the full collection and get wise to the lifestyle and philosophy of the elusive crafts.

All bicycles were assembled by Maurizio Urbinati, a private collector from Rimini (Italy). Thanks to his long–standing love for the bicycle, Maurizio was literally obsessed with search and acquisition of "disappearing" breadwinners for forty years.

Each bike is authentic and doesn't need a restoration. There are only original exhibits at the "All the life in one bicycle" exhibition. Age of the "youngest" bicycle is more than 60 years. The most part of collection's exhibits are produced in Italy, England and Austria.

Today, bicycle remains one of the most popular vehicles, as well as continues to be the breadwinner in some countries. A person gets to know the bicycle at an early age to master the most universal vehicle. And from that moment, the love of a genius work called "bicycle" begins . We are pleased to introduce to the public our collection for historical hindsight of the bicycle.

Ticket price:

Adults - 85 000 BYR.

Students, pensioners, disabled persons - 50 000 BYR.

Pupils, students of secondary specialized colleges - 35 000 BYR.

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