National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Exhibition "Exotic animals of the world"

  • 22.01.2016

Museum of Nature and Ecology (Kazintsa str. 117) holds "Exotic animals of the world" exhibition.

Minsk Center of Wildlife presents the exhibition "Exotic animals of the world."

The citizens of Minsk have an unique opportunity to see rare and exotic animals. The exhibition presents: pet monkey Leva, raccoon Krosha, crocodile Kesha, chinchilla, marten, parrots, owls, cobras, rattlesnakes and kingsnakes. You can also see pythons and boas, which are involved in the filming of the TV show "Super – Lotto". in this exhibition. Many animals, such as owl, hawk and raccoon have been involved in environmental documentaries, and also starred in photo albums about protected areas and ecological problems.

Minsk, Kazintsa str. 117.

Seven days a week

For more information call: (017) 2374694.