National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"From the Roman denarius to the Belarusian ruble" exhibition project

  • 01.08.2016

The National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus presents "From the Roman denarius to the Belarusian ruble" exhibition project. The exposition is supported by the general partner of the museum, JapanTobacco International (JTI).

In mid-2016, Belarusians will see new money - for the first time in the newest period of history, Belarus will receive its own coins. Relying on the rich numismatic collection of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, the exhibition "From the Roman Denarius to the Belarusian Ruble" tries to show how money circulation in Belarus has been changing for almost two thousand years.

The name of the exhibition was chosen not by chance, since the exposition acquaints a wide range of museum visitors with the history of monetary circulation on the territory of Belarus from the first mass appearance of Roman coins to the present day. Particular attention is paid to the monetary reforms that occurred on the Belarusian lands at different times.

Monetary signs of any kind is a full-fledged historical source saturated with rich information. The history of monetary circulation reflects the history of the country, the change of state formations and the political system in the Belarusian lands.

A separate section of the exhibition project tells about the treasures found in the territory of our country. The National History Museum has a rich collection of treasures among the museums of Belarus.

Two art installations embody different situations related to money. "Finding a treasure" tells about the moment of disclosure of valuable preservation, and "Cabinet of Numismatists" reconstructs the workplace of the collector of the XIX century.

The interactive element of this project is a banknote detector, on which everyone can check the authenticity of their paper currency notes.

At the opening ceremony, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus will present the country's new money.

"The opening of the exhibition on the history of money in Belarus is a symbolic event, especially on the eve of the introduction of new banknotes," said Gennady Brusnikov, deputy director of IAP "Dapan Tobacco International EsdDi." - This is an important next joint step of the National Historical Museum and the company JTI on conservation and popularization Historical and cultural heritage of our country.I am sure that the presented exposition will contribute to the expansion of knowledge about the formation of the monetary system in our country. "

The exhibition project will be interesting for different age categories of visitors.

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