National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"A whole life in one bicycle" quest

  • 24.03.2016


"A whole life in one bicycle"

How can a whole life of a person fit in one bicycle? What is the meaning of this amazing exhibition, that came to us from Italy? To answer these questions, we invite you, dear friends, to take part in a comic quest that will cheer up both adults and children, will open up new and unexpected possibilities of using a bicycle. At the end of the game, everyone will be able to visit the principal exhibition of the museum for free. Good luck!

To start the game you need:

1. Download IZI.TRAVEL app which is available on Google Play and Appstore (the quest is available only on Android and IOS 8.0 and higher platforms);

2. Be sure to turn on the location or geolocation;

3. Start the application and press the review;

4. Select the desired quest;

5. Download it to your cell phone or tablet and start the game.