National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

“Belarus – our beloved land” exhibition

  • 10.06.2019

On June 10, the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus will hold the grand opening of the exhibition of the "Art–Minsk" International Art Festival – “Belarus – our beloved land”. The exposition is organized within the framework of the cultural program of the II European Games.

The exposition presents unique items from the collection of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus (collections of folk crafts and handicrafts, ethnography and others), as well as works of pictorial and decorative–applied art by famous Belarusian artists, which continue national traditions in contemporary art.

Each museum item, presented at the exhibition, is the bearer of these traditions as an integral part of the national Belarusian culture. While the iconic works of contemporary artists reflect the spiritual world of the Belarusian people, there is also a vivid rendition of the mental experience of Belarusians, which was gained in ideas about the universe reproduced in myths and legends.

Among the authors are such recognized masters as Leonid Schemelev, Vladimir Tovstik, Nikolai Kuzmich, Vladimir Slobodchikov, Rygor Sitnitsa, Vladimir Vasiuk, Alla Nepochelovich, Tamara Vasiuk, Natalia Sukhoverkhova, Elena Obodova, Elena Schlegel and others. All of them are members of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

The harmonious unity of all the exhibited works created on the basis of the rich heritage of national culture is impressive. It allows to suggest that artists not only used the experience of previous generations, but they were able to demonstrate their capabilities in transforming past achievements into new forms of modern art.

The exhibition shows the results of creative activity of famous artists working in the field of painting, drawing, sculpture, painterly textile, ceramics and metal. The pieces of workmanship demonstrate professional manner of every artist.

The exhibition will be open until July 5.

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