National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"Great Figures of History" exhibition

  • 13.09.2018

Within the international action of the Council of Europe "European Heritage Days" and the Year of Small Motherland, the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus presents the "Great Figures of History" exhibition from archive collections. This exposition is based on the colored lithographs of Lilia and Valentin Varetsa, members of the Belarusian Union of Artists. The artists accomplished a great research work to create images of famous historical figures of Belarus. Each graphical sheet is some kind of a portrait, where the portrayed person is placed next to his iconic works or at a time of historical events in which he participated. Pantheon of the most important personalities of Belarusian culture was embodied in specific images. That way, we can draw closer to these people and their heritage.

Among the outstanding personalities are Dukes, representatives of the princely families of the Principality of Polotsk and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, enlighteners of the Renaissance, scholars and statesmen, patrons and military men, world artists of the XVIIІ-XIX centuries. Overall, there are people who glorified the Belarusian nation, without them it's impossible to imagine our history and culture.

The official presentation of the exhibition will be held on September 13, at 17.00