National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus


  • 05.07.2018

Dear friends! Summer in the city can be exciting, full of amazing adventures and unusual discoveries.

The National Historical Museum invites everyone! Search, find and re–open our exposition.

"We have already seen this," – many can say. But our Museum can surprise and we are ready to leave clues for all the curious ones. The summer journey to the history of our country awaits you!

Five completely new, unique routes for permanent exposition. 50 days to pass them all and collect special notes. And, of course, there is a prize from the National Historical Museum for everyone who coped with all the tasks and successfully completed the "quests".

So, if you are in the game, then all you need is to buy a ticket and get the itinerary list №1 from the cashier, as well as a card to collect the marks. Answer all the questions, get a mark and wait for the next route list to run. Good luck to you and have a very funny summer!

More info by phone: 327 43 22; 327 48 27.

Address: Minsk, K. Marx str., 12