National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"Ancient Belarus" exhibition

The National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus presents the "Ancient Belarus" exhibition. This is the only exposition in the country that tells about the main moments and stages of Russian history from ancient times to the beginning of the 19th century. The exposition of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus as the main historical museum of the country is designed to promote the development of the self-awareness of the Belarusian society and to represent the Belarusian nation as an integral part of the world community. The museum exposition "Ancient Belarus" covers the period of Russian history from the Paleolithic period to the 19th century. It tells about the initial settlement of the territory of our country, the emergence of tribal unions of Krivichi and Dregovichi, the first state formations on the territory of Belarus, the creation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Rzeczpospolita, the stay of Belarus within the Russian Empire. Exhibits, representing almost all fund collections, tell about the first settlements of people on our lands, their occupations, beliefs, gradual development of civilization. Among them are priceless historical artifacts: objects of primitive art and decorations, weapons, objects of worship and much more. A separate section highlights the history of book business in Belarus in the 16th and 19th centuries, as well as the activities of the educator Francis Skaryna.